Eu se que vou te amar.mp3

Guillermo Segui: guitar, bass; Santiago Bo: alto sax

When I was very young, I played clarinet and alto sax and I studied at an advanced level in Pittsburgh, USA. I excelled as a jazz musician and also studied art and drama. A love of these arts has stayed with me all my life.

But, you may be wondering why I would like you to know that I’m a musician. It’s because, for me, my experience with music, especially jazz, has helped me tremendously as an architect.

Our art is a gift, whether we build harmonic structures, stone shelters or concrete halls. If we have the ability to create beauty, we are obliged to do so. We need to master our instrument of expression technically for creativity to flow without limit.

Lastly, we don’t create in isolation. There is always an audience, or customer, from whom we receive feedback and an emotional response which nourishes us.